Kurt Donald Cobain was definitely one of the most incredible rockers of all time. The day of Kurt’s arrival on earth was on February 20, 1967. He was born in an isolated coastal logging town, Aberdeen, Washington.  Kurt was the first child born to Donald and Wendy Cobain. Three years later Kim Cobain was born. As a young child Kurt was very energetic, singing, drawing, and acting out skits during family gatherings.

Remembering Kurt Cobain
by Opal Dillard, Veronica Ponce de Leon, and Jessica Farmer
Nirvana consisted Chris Novelselic, Dave Grohl, and of course Kurt Cobain.  They published a couple of albums before his death.  In the album In Utero, Kurt got out all of his anger with each and every word he sang.  Smells Like Teen Spirit is the national anthem for teens all over.They’ve published albums like Bleach, their first album, Nevermind, Incesticide, and In Utero.
Denial. Anger. Depression. Guilt. Acceptance. These are the stages Kurt Cobain went through in his life, living with manic depression and a tortured soul. There has never been a bigger deal of a musician’s death, than of that of John Lennon’s—until April 8, 1994 when Kurt Cobain’s body was found dead by his own hand.  He had taken his life with one 20-gauge shot gun.

We think Kurt was one of the most artistic, creative, and super dee dooper persons that ever set foot on the planet. His music touched our hearts and always will. We think of him as the most beautiful person inside and out.  It is impossible to describe Kurt with words since he deserves much more than all words put together. 
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Kurt’s way of life suddenly changed at the age of seven, when his parents made the decision of getting a divorce. His outgoing personality was stolen from him and replaced with a shy one. At age 11 Kurt looks to an outlet for his pain, rock and roll music, and becomes involved with all kinds of drugs.  At 14 he started playing guitar. Kurt Cobain’s life was literally transformed once he heard punk rock music.

Kurt’s death captured many hearts and froze them in time. It was one of those things where, you know it’s true, but you don’t want to believe it.
People to this day still can’t get over his death, and they can’t even accept the fact that he is no longer here, because in our hearts and our soul he lives on through his music.